Library update Dec 2016

I’d like to share some good resources I use to educate myself. There are so many good books, tutorials and talks out there, and I think it’s good to start a reference. Our technical little world has grown well past ‘little’, and hunting for new information can be quite the challenge. Why should we all dig for the same gems.

If you think I’m missing some important stuff (no worries, I ab-so-lutely will, as I’m just starting this), PLEASE send me a message so I can add it.

I will send a blog-post every once in a while (when I gathered enough new stuff in the library section) and publicize this in a blog-post. Please by all means send me links to

  • articles
  • books
  • images
  • movies / videos
  • websites
  • tutorials
  • or whatever you think fits

that can enrich your peer developers’ technical skill set.

Current topics in the library

  • Browser Performance
    • General auditing (Links to website)
    • Jank (Links to website)
  • Databases
    • CQRS and EventSourcing (video)
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Lean Startup (bookreference)
  • Enterprise Stack
    • Uber (Links to website)
  • Machine Learning
    • A good place to start (Links to learning platform)
    • Humans and cognitive bias (Image)
    • MIT Open Course Ware (Playlist of videos)
  • Microservices
    • Definition (Links to website)
    • Applications (links to some relevant applications)
    • Databases in the cloud
      • How Netflix does it (links to website)
      • How Uber does it (links to website)