Browser Performance

General auditing

Auditing can be performed in numerous ways. Once you start to know your way around the devtools chrome supplies, you basically cannot live without them. It enables you to exactly find out where you can optimize and why your site runs the way it runs.

Sometimes, you just want a quick analysis presented on a plate that gives you a basic idea on how you’re doing. This site is a real good starting point.

Relevant when:

  • you start optimizing UX
  • you need to cut loadtimes, perceived performance and network-cost
  • you want to have a quick source of points on which you can optimize


Here we focus in particular on runtime interaction speeds. Jank occurs when an animation takes too long and occupies multiple animationframes (of 1/60th of a second). This site offers basic insights in what jank actually is (explained with concrete examples) and how you can prevent it.

Relevant when:

  • minor performance updates have noticable effect on conversion (have enough throughput)
  • interested in browser internals, especially when it comes to the render-tree of a browser
  • your site is especially reliant on touch-events