Machine Learning

A good place to start

I have started learning the basics of ML at Coursera. I can strongly suggest you do it too! It’s a not too intensive training where you learn the basic mathematical ideas, combined with some practical hands-on training.

The course is brought to you by Andrew Ng. If you are not familiar with the math, the first week can be slightly challenging because you’ll have to learn about ‘math syntax’ as well as the issue at hand. To be honest, my math wasn’t up to the challenge before I started the course, but it didn’t form any form of a blocker. It’s easy to pick up and everything is well explained before you start using it.

Nice thing to mention: It’s free for everyone and you can pay to receive a certificate.

Coursera course in Machine Learning

There are also free lectures available from MIT. You can find those here

Humans and cognitive bias

Humans have an intrinsic cognitive bias. Just look at this picture. It’s a nice way of showing someone that doesn’t know why computing stuff might yield more truth ;-).


MIT Open Course Ware

A good introduction on Machine Learning explained with vivid examples and by a professor from MIT. Fun and easy listening. Somehow the playlist starts with number 16, but press the hamburger menu on the top left and select the first course. Nice to listen to in the car!