Under this chapter I will gather blogposts for long-running topics and show the red line outline that I intend to take on these topics. This will give you a hint on what to expect as future blog-posts, but also show you the coherency between them. I call these red-lines series, since I intend on releasing them one after another in a particular way.

And as allways, everything that still lies in the future we don’t know yet, so please give me feedback whenever possible to I can adjust my charted course to have a more meaningful result in the future.

The series I now intend to make are the following:

  • Full-Stack
    A serie in which we create a todolist from front to backend. Follow the red line and you should have a basic understanding of the entire process from front to backend of a small application.
  • Leadership
    A serie in which I gather my thoughts and learnings on leadership. The idea is primarily to put ideas in to words.


Have another idea for a serie? Let me know!